The Platform

Candor Resources is an online transaction platform that allows members to buy or sell physical cargoes of LNG.


Creating Value

  • Connecting the Market

    Candor Resources is an independent, online platform for selling or buying physical cargoes of LNG. Members can connect on the platform and securely transact using Candor Resources’s online tender process.

  • Increased Efficiency

    Candor Resources reduces transaction times, and creates additional optionality for your company. Sell or buy a cargo of LNG with certainty in as little as one hour, and optimise your LNG portfolio in real time.

  • Market visibility

    Transact with the confidence that you have bid or offered the market price. Trades occur in a 30-minute window, allowing members to bid or offer anonymously.

Joining Candor Resources

Membership of Candor Resources is open to companies or partnerships that buy or sell physical cargoes of LNG.