The Candor Resources Platform

Key Features

You have complete flexibility in how you trade on the platform:

  • Counterparties

    You decide which Candor Resources members are invited to your trade

  • Trade type

    Sell or buy on a free on board (FOB) or delivered ex-ship (DES) basis

  • Terms and conditions on counterparty basis

    Choose between your own existing terms and conditions or the Candor Resources standard

  • Re-bid capability as a participator

    Participants can have more than one chance to successfully trade an LNG cargo. The platform offers a unique capability of bidding and re-bidding on any trade

  • Anonymous and transparent

    Participant identities are anonymous while members have the added benefit of seeing all trading activity completed on the platform in real-time

  • Credit support

    The credit control matrix allows you to manage counterparty credit on per trade basis

Joining Candor Resources

Membership of Candor Resources is open to companies or partnerships that buy or sell physical cargoes of LNG.